Developing Speed Book - 2nd Edition

Developing Speed Book - 2nd Edition

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Developing Speed is the definitive resource for developing speed training programs to improve performance. Including speed training drills for 12 sports, and assessments for testing speed, this authoritative guide blends theory with best practice to provide all the tools needed for maximizing speed.

Speed has long been recognized as a key component of superior sport performance. Whether they are chasing down a long pass in football or sprinting down the court on a fast break in basketball, an athlete’s speed is a major factor in overall athletic ability.

Authored by 19 of the top National Strength and Conditioning Association experts, Developing Speed, Second Edition, is the definitive resource for creating scientifically sound training programs that take speed to the highest level. The guide is designed to address the full gamut of speed training, with topics such as these:
  • Sprint starts
  • Acceleration
  • Maximal velocity
  • Speed endurance
  • Sport-specific application
Developing Speed blends science with practice, providing information on how to develop speed regimens for 12 sports: baseball, softball, basketball, football, ice hockey, rugby, soccer, tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, sprint (track) cycling, and speed skating. The book provides instruction and photos for sport-specific drills as well as assessments to test various aspects of speed. It also provides the necessary information to design effective speed training programs for any sport in which running speed is an important component.

Packed with the latest research and recommendations from the world’s leading sport conditioning organization, Developing Speed contains everything coaches and athletes need to increase speed, blow past the competition, and achieve their performance goals.

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