Complete Linebacking Book

Complete Linebacking Book

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Complete Linebacking is the most comprehensive instructional resource for anyone playing or coaching the position. From skills and drills to game preparation and strategy, the book instructs linebackers and coaches on defending today’s high-speed offensive systems and ensuring proper positioning on any given play.

Learn from a legend. Lou Tepper, coach to more than 20 NFL linebackers, including 3 Butkus Award winners, has created the most in-depth book ever written on football’s most important defensive position.

In Complete Linebacking, players and coaches receive a clinic on fundamentals, presnap keys, and techniques used by inside and outside linebackers in specific defenses, including the 32, 31, 52, 51, and 33. Coverage includes 4 key linebacker diagnostic tests, 44 drills to improve linebacking skills, presnap communication, relaying defense signals from the sideline, and special practice and game grading systems to evaluate and maximize performance.

The authoritative guide on playing the position, Complete Linebacking is a must-have for any linebacker, head coach, or defensive coach in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving game.