Los Angeles QB / WR / OL / DL Clinic

Los Angeles QB / WR / OL / DL Clinic

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  • 2 on-field practices
  • Practices are for QB WR OL DL or any player that want's to learn one of those positions
  • Practices will center on technique and fundamentals
  • The positions will do both individual work and also work together
  • We will focus on the development and betterment of each individual player
  • Drills will include footwork, body positioning, throwing, and catching route running

Linemen - The time will be spent on the field doing individual techniques and skills to improve the performance of each individual lineman.  We will use small groups to advance  the program along.  It will be a full padded experience and we will use contact while staying on our feet. Both, run and pass techniques will be worked on as well as both offense and defense.  

The fee will be $75 in advance and $100 if you purchase during Bowl Week.


SESSION 1 - On Field - Day 1 After Practices are complete
SESSION 2 - On Field - Day 2 After Practices are complete
Clinic times on Day 1 and Day 2 will be announced soon